Introduction to the ezCms channel-to-room connection function

Overview of ezCms

ezCms is an online tool that allows to manage your hotel rooms. You do not need to visit the booking websites to configure the room information. Our software will do all of these for you!

Features of ezCms:

  • Optimize room capacity:

Room synchronization gets automatic with all online room sales channels. You do not need to manually manage all channels. This helps hotel managers optimizing room capacity.

  • Integration with hotel software and online booking:

Integration with hotel management software ezFolio and ezCloudhotel create a seamless connection, when booking information will be updated in the hotel management software.

  • Automatic connection information:

No more than 10 minutes are required to change your data – just send all the information to the ezCms distribution channel management system. Channel manager will do all the rest work for you instead of having a manual operation.

  • Rotate rooms between websites selling rooms:

ezCms will push the entire room of the hotel to online booking sites such as,, … and then rotate the number of available rooms between sales channels when customers book over room availability. available on the website.

  • Large website booking website:

Connecting to 240 online sales channels will increase room occupancy and hotel revenue significantly.

  • Productivity Management:

It is a tool that combines many factors such as room type, fees and sales channels to create flexible pricing. The system allows the establishment of rules that still bring profit, competitive advantage to the hotel.