How do I set up my room rates and late checkout penalties?

Your hotel wants to configure the surcharges at late check-out. You need to do the following:

Execute: Configuration> Room Type> Price Profile


Note: Select [Room Rate] of the room type to add a late check-out fee.

Choosing a pricing policy requires additional fees. Then, click [Full Day Price].

You can define the extra use per adult or children

In the [Late Check-out Rates], click the [Add New] icon to add a late checkout configuration.

Click the [Delete] icon to delete the late checkout configurations.

After the late checkout configuration is completed. Click icon [Save] to save the newly added late checkout configuration.

  • Case 1: No late check out.

In case your hotel does not charge late check out. You configure late checkout rates as follows:

  • Case 2: Late check out before 18h is 50% of day price, after 18h is 100% of day price.

In case your hotel will collect late check out before 18h is 50% of the day price and after 18h will charge 100% of the day price. You configure the late check-out rates as follows:

Note: Because the hotel configured check out time is 12h and customers checkout late 6 hours (18h-12h = 6), so will enter the number of hours by 6. After 6 hours, the system will default to 100% .