How do I send a booking mail confirmation to a guest ?

Step 1: Booking Booked

Booked customer >> Enter the customer’s information >> Enter [Date] if you want to send a happy birthday mail >> Enter [Email] guest so the system can send mail to guest

Step 2: Configure Email Campaigns

To add a new email campaign to Booked guests:

    Manipulation : Click Modules [Email marketing] >> [campaign email] >> [Add] >> Click icon email campaign [Upcoming] >> Enter a name [title] >> Click select [Copy sample letter] or manually create the message body and select the corresponding value fields

The screen shows the template is available on the system >> Click Select

To edit the email content click on the hotel information code, customer information, room information to modify.

Save campaign created >> Click [Save]

Step 3: Email the guest

In the room details, click the Email Marketing icon

Display form of Message content, select email campaign for customer




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