How do I check out the guest room ?

To make room for the delegation. You must follow the steps below:

Step 1: Change the date for the delegation.

To change the day for the delegation, you can click on a room of the delegation, select [Team details]> [Team information].

At the [Room Information] screen, click on the rooms you want to check out. Then select the [Change Date] button.

After selecting the room to check out and change the date, the screen displays the check in and check out time of the room. You can change the “departure date” and the time back to the current time (by the time displayed on the machine count) to check out. Click [OK] to change.

Show message change date at success. Click [OK] to exit the message.

Step 2: Pay for group.

After you have changed the date, click the [Payment] tab to perform the payment.

Choose top-down payment method: Make the first payment, the remaining amount will push down the next room.

Click [Save] to complete the payment.

Step 3: Check out the guest room.

After successful payment, Click tab [Room Info], select the rooms you want to check out, click [Check out].

The screen displays the message [Check out]. Click [OK] to exit the notification screen.

The screen displays the status [Check Now] for rooms that have been successfully returned.

The rooms which were not paid appear as “unsuccess reservations”