How do I send the email automatically for a Checkin guest?

Step 1: Checkin room 

        Click [Check -In]

Step 2: Config task email

       To add a new task email for a checkin guest

       Act: Click module [Email marketing] >> [Task email] >> [Add] >>Click icon [ In house] >> Enter [Subject] >> Click [Copy template]  or create the content email and choose the system fields

         The system screen display the templates in the system >> Click [Choose]

        To repair the content email, you click the system fields

        To send a email automatically choose [ Schedule] is: [Days of Arrival]

         If you don’t want to send email immediately, you choose [Save for later]

        Save the task email >> Click [Save]

        The system will check the time when the guest checkin and will automatically send email according to task email.

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